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Checking The Ubuntu Version Using The Command-Line

To check the Ubuntu version using the command line, you can use the `lsb_release` command. Here’s how you can do it:

Open a terminal and type the following command:

lsb_release -a

This will display detailed information about your Ubuntu system, including the distribution release, codename, and other details.

Alternatively, if you just want to know the Ubuntu version number, you can use the following command:

lsb_release -rs

This will output the release number of your Ubuntu distribution.

Another way to check the Ubuntu version is by using the `cat` command to read the contents of the `/etc/os-release` file:

cat /etc/os-release | grep “VERSION=”

This will display the version information from the `/etc/os-release` file.

Any of these methods will give you the version of Ubuntu currently installed on your system.


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