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What is Alternative to Cloudflare CDN, WAF, DNS & SSL

There are several alternatives to Cloudflare for the various services they offer. Keep in mind that the landscape of internet services is constantly evolving, so new alternatives might have emerged since then. Here are some popular options for Cloudflare for specific services:

1. Content Delivery Network (CDN):
– Akamai
– Amazon CloudFront
– Fastly
– StackPath

2. DDoS Protection and Web Application Firewall (WAF):
– Akamai Kona Site Defender
– Imperva Incapsula
– Sucuri
– Barracuda Networks WAF

3. DNS Management:
– Amazon Route 53
– Google Cloud DNS
– NS1
– Dyn (now part of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure)

4. SSL Certificate Provision:
– Let’s Encrypt (free, automated SSL certificates)
– DigiCert
– GlobalSign
– Comodo (now Sectigo)

5. Internet Security and Performance Suite:
– Akamai Web Performance Solutions
– Incapsula by Imperva
– StackPath Edge Security

When choosing an alternative to Cloudflare or any other service provider, you must consider your specific needs, such as performance, pricing, features, and global reach. It’s also recommended to check for user reviews and conduct thorough research to ensure the chosen provider aligns with your requirements.

Here are some free alternatives to Cloudflare for specific services:

1. Content Delivery Network (CDN):
– Cloudinary (offers free tier with limited resources)
– jsDelivr (mainly for JavaScript, CSS, and npm packages)
– CoralCDN (open-source, community-driven CDN)

2. DDoS Protection and Web Application Firewall (WAF):
– Project Shield by Google (for qualifying news, human rights, and election monitoring websites)
– Cloudbric (free tier available for personal websites)
– Incapsula by Imperva (offers a limited free plan)

3. DNS Management:
– Hurricane Electric Free DNS (free DNS hosting service)
– BuddyNS (free DNS hosting service with basic features)

4. SSL Certificate Provision:
– Let’s Encrypt (provides free SSL certificates)
– SSL For Free (offers free SSL certificates)

Please note that free plans often come with limitations, such as lower performance, limited features, or usage restrictions. If you require more advanced features, better performance, or enhanced security, you may need to consider paid plans or other service providers. Additionally, the availability of free services might change over time, so always verify the current offerings of the providers listed above.


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